Discover the benefits of professional counseling and support.


I offer a range of professional counseling services to help my patients overcome their fears, depression, anxieties, and stresses while focusing on assisting them in achieving their goals. In my practice we use creative expression, art making, relaxation, and safe emotional expression to grow and discover infinite possibilities!


Mindful Counseling. It is my passion to support my clients as they journey through the ups and downs of life and guide them to tap into the flow of infinite possibilities. I am trained and highly experienced in many powerful modalities including guided meditation, hypnotherapy & breath therapy. Clients learn these non-intrusive, safe and non-manipulative techniques to use independently for pain relief, stress reduction,  and quieting the mind. These modalities are also highly supportive for depression, anxiety, PSTD, relaxation, chronic pain management and life transitions.

Art Therapy. When appropriate, I encourage clients to use symbols and imagery, as well as art processes that include drawing, painting, and clay mask making to express what words cannot. The unconscious process that goes along with creating art helps tap into the internal, cognitive needs of the patient. Art therapy uses both the creative and cognitive sides of the brain. Art therapy has been proven to assist in balancing brain states, encouraging relaxation and self-renewal. I am an Art therapist (registered) and have extensive experience integrating Art therapy into counseling. This optimizes the benefits of the counseling and helps patients reduce stress, anxiety, depression and many other life challenges.

Counseling for Individuals. All individuals are different and so are their desires, needs and goals. Change happens when we are relaxed. Through focused listening, being present and providing a calming and safe environment, I develop a connection with each person and become highly attuned to their unique relaxed space where healing happens. I use my extensive experience and a wide variety of my tools and techniques to foster change and inspire transformation. 



Counseling for Children. Children learn and change using metaphor. To really understand the child, we must enter their world. I do this through the art of story sand play. Within this creative capacity, children can begin to change their understanding of their world using symbols, and that can go from a negative experience to a positive experience just by adding in their own imaginative resource.


Counseling for Couples. I assist couples in understanding the other person's needs and how they can be fulfilled in a loving, caring way. Couples therapy is safe, active, supportive, and even fun. As a PACT trained counselor, I utilize neural biological and attachment theory to help couples understand each other. My sessions help couples feel that they are the other person's number one priority both in the counseling session and in daily life.

Counseling for Teens. Working with teens does not have to a difficult process. The challenge lies in understanding their needs and how their brains work.  As parents, we have an opportunity to find the best way to help guide our children by creating a container that allows them the right amount of space to develop. I help with communication skills, while looking at alternative avenues to attain the family’s goal.



Tele-Health Video Counseling 

Now offering Live Video Counseling for long distance clients!

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