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Extraordinarily talented and intuitive therapist...


Chris DiRaddo is an extraordinarily talented and intuitive therapist. Because he is an art therapist as well as having more conventional approaches, he has more ways to reach and teach his clients. Having been unsuccessful in other attempts at therapy, I came to Chris at a crisis point in my life, and have stayed because this work is so valuable to my progress as an artist and as a human being. Chris creates an environment of safety, blanketed with such creativity that there is always a mode that is appropriate and insightful, whether that is by making art or through talking. I can only speak for myself - over the course of the past six years, I have learned not only the tools to bring a measure of stability to my life, but also to respect and be joyful in my own achievements, as an artist and as a person. I don’t believe I could have done this without the help of my therapist, Chris DiRaddo, and I would recommend him highly to anyone who is willing to do the work that it takes to examine oneself and bring about the changes that are necessary and beneficial on the road to finding the true self.


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