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About Chris

I am a board-certified registered art psychotherapist and performance coach practicing in Austin and have been in private practice for over 28 years. I love what I do and enjoy using my understanding of the brain and creativity to help people transform and succeed in their life.  


What I do best is facilitate the realization of my client's intentions and aspirations in a safe supportive environment.


I am a dedicated father of three boys ages 33, 19 and 14 and am happily married to my wife of 21 years. I regularly practice art therapy for myself in the form of sculpture, drawing and painting. My interests include playing soccer, tennis, pickle ball, cooking for my family and reading. I continue to study and expand my repertoire of psychotherapy tools, techniques and modalities.


It is my intention to be an active artist and agent of positive change.  


My life and work have been greatly inspired and influenced by the study of Carl Jung, Steve Gilligan, Joseph Campbell and Rumi.

I studied art from an early age and received a bachelors of fine arts degree from the University of Texas in Austin. I see symbol and metaphor as a powerful way to understand and heal ourselves.  I am a life-long competitive athlete and value the experience of competitive athletes and high performers.


Counseling and Coaching connect my clients to the

infinite possibilities in life.


My gift is to guide the healing process in a supportive way.  I am adept at helping my clients integrate healing and growth. 


."Art is such a reflection of the infinite possibilities where we can discover our journey in life."

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